Plum Crazy Purps – Mostly Indica

Plum Crazy Purps is exactly what the name entails. A select Californian hybrid of Original Blueberry crossed into a Purple Aghani. By far one of the most intensely purple colored strains you will ever come across. This purple is a true genetic purple, meaning the calyxes of the buds turn purple under almost any conditions.  No need to try and drop temperatures here, just drop patients jaws when they see it. The color is not only aesthetically pleasing and a conversation starter, the genetics of Plum Crazy have distinct medicinal effects as well.

Yield: Average yields, however can be above average under optimal conditions.

Structure: Large sturdy stems rarely require staking. Can be bushy if trained. Very fast veg growth. Large pinecone shaped buds. Flavour is very herbal with hints of lavender and rosemary.

Colors: Neon green stems, and leaves. Buds are a deep but bright fuchsia color.

Medical Effects: The medication is a real hit with a mellow relaxing effect.

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Recommended Veg Times: 2-3 weeks soil, 2 weeks hydro.

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