McFrosty – Mostly Indica

McFrosty is an indica dominant plant with incredible trichome production. Nicknamed McFrosty due to its ease of trichome prodution. Genetics are nearly entirely afghani with reminants of skunk remaining.

Yield: Average yield, compensate with longer veg times.

Structure: Typical bushy afghani growth. Chunky buds which are a pleasure to manicure. Incredible trichome production. Hashy flavor with pine and earth undertones.

Colors: Darker green, changing to yellows, reds, and purples near finish.

Medical Effects: Not a typical couchlock indica. Medication has an uplifting effect buts till retains its pain relieving properties.

Flowering Time:  65-75 days

Recommended Veg Times: 4 weeks in soil, to yield 4oz, 3 weeks hydro.

McFrosty at 60 days of 12/12 light cycle.

McFrosty manicured and hung for drying. Clothes hanger included in picture for scale.

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